Зарубежный опыт переделки: now 771 is available to convert to 775 motherboard

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Now 771 CPU is available for 775 Motherboard! make sure ur motherboard ‘s the trick is in the green box. now i’m going to show you the magic! make sure before you do this, your motherboard’s bios has to be updated to the newest version.

now here are the tools you need,and this nail clipper is the best tool to modify the motherboard(To modify your motherboard take ur own risk)

LL_018  this is my second 771 cpu to test and the little sticker is my magic tool



1422840-1  cut the little U out of the sticker.

LL_021  now you need a double side tape!

LL_024  LL_023

LL_005  LL_007  after cut the extra tape from the sticker

LL_006  Put the magic sticker on the cpu ,and the arrow has to point to the golden triangle on the processor, like the pic shows.

LL_009  now you need to cut the slot (which show in the pics below in the red stars or the cpu will not fit. )on the motherboard! (Again!!! to modify your motherboard take ur own risk)


LL_012  LL_010
LL_019  now put the cpu in the slot match up two triangle=((the golden triangle on the CPU and the one on the motherboard at the same side as the pics show.)

LL_004  everything is ready,

LL  da da~!!! here is the magic!

LL_011  here are the cpu list for 771 you can use. system ran 2 day straight! without anyproblems. by the way form the chess benchmark you should know that it’s better than the 3rd gen i3. you can find very cheap 771 cpu on ebay. also because most of the 771 you can find on the ebay is pull out directly from the server; therefore, it’s never been overclock I just set my L5420 bus speed 400 for daily use. it’s been test in different chipset as long as it support the 45nm core cpus. like p35 g31 g33 p45 p43 g41 even p965.


LL_003  LL_016  LL_002


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